5 MOT Test innovations 2022, which every car owner should know

Who has to pass MOT Test in 2022?

In accordance with the updated legislation, cars and motorcycles belonging to individuals and used by them for personal purposes are not subject to technical inspection. Mandatory inspection in Russia is translated into a voluntary basis. The amendments in the State Duma legislation took in three readings in December 2021.

We allocated five key cases for the need for technical inspection.

5 MOT Test innovations 2022, which every car owner should know

The procedure will need to be held in the following cases:

  • in the case of a state accounting of the vehicle, from the year of manufacture which passed for more than four years, including the year of its manufacture;
  • in the case of registration actions related to the change of the owner of the vehicle, from the year of manufacture of which was held for more than four years, including the year of its manufacture
  • in the event of registration actions related to the change in the design and / or replacement of the main component of the vehicle;
  • when using the vehicle as a taxi, as well as buses and trucks;
  • in the case of visual detection of signs of the presence of a technical malfunction that creates a road safety threat;
  • if transport belongs to a legal entity.

Thus, the inspection abolished for new cars, in which the minimum wear and tear is in most cases, but despite this, when discovering external defects, the traffic police officer can stop the “young” car, inspecting it visually and send to the inspection point. This situation is aimed at consciousness of citizens who follow their car. In this case, the rest of the category shows a technical inspection.

What defects will not allow a technical inspection?

Cracks on the windshield

Not all cracks and chips mean refusal to issue a diagnostic card (DC). Dangerous are the cracks that are located in the review zone from the driver’s seat, because due to such a lack, the motorist may not notice the danger or incorrectly assess the road situation. Cracks will be considered damage to glass from 10 cm long. You need to independently measure the length of the defect using the ruler before traveling for the diagnostic card.

Cracks on the headlights

Any defects on the headlights will be a problem for issuing a diagnostic card, even if the headlight is unbroken, and there is no factory frame for fastening the mechanism. Drivers recommend replacing broken parts and come again. At the same time, the cracks on the fog lights are not prohibited, but in the event that the headlights themselves are shine quality.

Headlights with shot down settings

Due to long-term operation Headlight setting is knocked down. Initially, they are calibrated so that the light gets both on the road and on the road for the convenience of driving. However, configure the headlights after shaking is quite difficult, and xenon headlights are not even all maintenance stations taken in order. A shot down headlight level is able to blinded counter transport or create an interference to detect a pedestrian on the road or a different item that can provoke a collision.

Unlegalized tuning

absolutely any tuning is considered to make changes to the design. The driver should either get approval in the testing laboratory and legitimize changes to the traffic police, or remove everything before traveling to the technical inspection point. By the conclusions of experts, any transformation can negatively affect the safety of the vehicle operation, for example, to shift the center of gravity or knock the collapse.

Spoilers, bumpers, engines

By analogy with the previous “update” attached spoilers and converted bumpers can lead the body’s geometry disorders, which will affect the safety of motion. Relatively unregistered engines, the problem will definitely arise when registering.

“Bald” Rubber

Old Rubber is one of the reasons for an accident, since the braking path is noticeably reduced due to the lack of gripping force of tires and road surface.

Small malfunctions and nuances

representatives of the operators said that today it is required that the entire situation in the cabin meets the standard. Even if the head restraints were temporarily removed or the seats moved, they should be brought into line with them.

Faulty Catalyst

Cars over 5-7 years often face the problem of failure of the exhaust gas catalyst: it is clogged by a flaw and fails. The item is about 12-35 thousand rubles. Some drivers are operated by T / C without it or pierce the hole in the catalyst so that exhaust gases so that exhaust gases. However, it is impossible to pass with such an approach, since the gases begin to go out through the hole, and the car poisons air.

Serious technical malfunctions

Of 20% of failures in the design of a positive solution are related to the following technical faults:

  • steering backlave;
  • problems with suspension;
  • The difference of brake efforts.

These faults are quite difficult to detect independently, some of them are manifested only in abnormal, emergency situations, therefore, it is recommended not to neglect the procedure and go through the systematic.

What will be the responsibility for incredible and fake?

From March 1, 2022, a fine of 2000 rubles is introduced. For riding without inspection. Fix the violation will be able to traffic cameras once a day. However, according to the speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, to put a fine for riding without DCs will be owners of those vehicles for which inspection is mandatory. At the same time, there is a problem of issuing fake DC. In the traffic police, there were two methods of falsification:

  • the exclosed cards;
  • cards decorated in regions other than the car owner residence.

What will change from March 1, 2022 for technical inspection

With the entry into force of the order of the Ministry of Transport, the requirements for the preparation of diagnostic maps tightened.

With regard to the photo scan of the machine, the following is introduced:

  • The photo of the vehicle must contain an image of the front / rear part of the vehicle and one of its lateral surfaces, as well as an image of a technical expert who has conducted the diagnosis of the vehicle, near a vehicle, in full growth, face to the camera;
  • When photographing, it is not allowed to use any photo effects that change the natural background, a vehicle and a technical expert;
  • Files with photographic images should not be edited, including by changing the EXIF data.

Will the insurance sell third party liability insurance certificates without a diagnostic card in 2022?

Already from August 22, 2021, motorists received the right to issue the third party liability insurance certificates without a diagnostic card. We wrote about the planned innovations in third party liability insurance in the article planned innovations in third party liability insurance in 2022, calculate the cost of the policy and buy it online you can on our resource.

ОСАГО калькулятор

Is it worth passing to cars under the age of 4?

In the Russian Union of Autoinsurers (RSA), despite the official cancellation of the procedure, still recommend that the traffic police can stop the technically faulty vehicle and check it on the spot, or at special stationary items. In case the vehicle is really faulty, the ban will follow its operation, which will cause a call to the tow truck, repair and penalty, that is, unforeseen cash spending.

Will insurance companies be able to put regress if there is no then?

To set the regress to the culprit of the accident, or rather the driver, the malfunction of the car whose car entailed an accident, it is necessary to prove the causal relationship between the occurrence of a malfunction and its influence on the collision, and also need to establish whether it could be identified with the technical operating system These actions are quite laborious for insurers. In the RCA on this issue, they stated that cases where the cause of an accident was exclusively a technical malfunction of the car, extremely rare. If at the time of the accident at the culprit was a valid diagnostic card, then according to the law on the CTP, it is impossible to present regress for the fault of the vehicle, since all the rules are followed from its part. You can check information about the availability of the current diagnostic card in the third party liability insurance on the official website of the traffic police.

Negative consequences of cancellation

Let it be a positive innocence for individuals, but the business faced some problem. After canceling the mandatory technical inspection of the maintenance station, simply lost a lot of customers. The prices for their services though increased at the end of 2021, but still remain below the real costs – sometimes 3-4 times. It is believed to be related to the social sphere, therefore, the inspection prices regulate the state. In other words, the abolition is not playing at all in favor of entrepreneurs – their incomes have declined significantly. Why there, many stations were not able to pass over the reacter. According to the Russian newspaper, from 5,000 stations, only 1200 passed through the country. Here we have that we have just begun to grow business we can lose.

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The abolition of the inspection is due to the responsibility of the owner attached to the traffic rules, contain its own car in good technical condition and not to travel to roads in the presence of problems regardless of the passage of the inspection. Also, according to statistics on participation in the accident of passenger cars and motorcycles with technical malfunctions, but at the same time having the active policy of the third party liability insurance and the inspection, the probability of getting into an accident with cars is 1.1%, with motorcy Since the numbers are minimal, then insist on the passage of the specified category of cars inexpedient. However, legal entities still have to pass as before.

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