Cyber security comes to the stock exchange

Results of Russian companies that have been exploring the stock exchange

In 2020, several Russian companies publicly posted the shares at the stock exchange. Therefore, for example, the developer ” Samolet ” and “Sovkomflot” reached MOEX, the online retailer Ozon went to Nasdaq, as well the online cinema ivi informed about his desire to place shares. All companies, with the exception of ivi, placed their shares in the designated term. The rest of the participants came out on an IPO with premiums to the stated ranges, and later received the growth of quotations from 10 to 25%. Excellent results showed shares of the developer “Samolet”, their indicator exceeded 500%. By the way, we recently wrote that the Insurance Company Renaissance Insurance also plans to become public.

Not so long ago, the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia said that in 2022-2023, they expect an increase in the number of primary and secondary public placing in Russian companies. After that, the deputy minister of the Ministry of Economic Development Ilya Torosov said that the stock market is now on a historic maximum, and that for 2020 the Mosberya expects a minimum of 6-8 new places.

Cyber security comes to the stock exchange

The first Russian company in the field of cyber security published on the IPO

Positive Technologies is preparing the IPO in the near future. This is the first Russian company in the cyber security segment released on the stock exchange. Clients of the company are more than 2 thousand companies of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

By the way, cybersecurity – a sector that acquires every year more important in the world. Cybersecurity today increasingly enters political issues. Now, increasingly it has charged with the invasion of the internal policy of a state or another, in the stealing of technological secrets, etc. In this regard, resources that are more significant are allocated to protect against cyber-attacks. The effectiveness of this IT direction is irreversible. We have already wrote about cybersecurity and insurance in this area.

How are things with cybersecurity in the rest of the world?

The largest stock exchange rate ETF with stocks of cybersecurity companies is First Trust Nasdaq Cybersecurity ETF CIBR, with current assets in the area of 4.82 billion dollars, showing more than 51% growth during the last year. However, analyzing the last year’s performance, the most effective ETF Foundation in the sphere of cybersecurity can be called Global X FUNDS – Global X Cybersecurity ETF (BUG) with yield per year more than 52%. And the latest released ETF in this area is the Wisdomtree Cybersecurity Fund (WCBR), which brings more than 30% of its holders.

Mentioning the above funds, it is impossible not to say about one of the most famous representatives of the cyber security industry – Palo Alto Networks (PANW). This company is an excellent sample and example of successful investment in cybersecurity. After 3 years since the founding, the company earned about 3 million dollars, and today the revenue exceeded $ 4 billion. In 2012, PANW entered the IPO, after which its annual growth did not fall below 20% (with the exception of 2020 – crisis for many companies).

In Russia, at the time of 2019, the amount of IPO was minimal for 3 years. The reason for such disregard from investors was the threats of trade wars between the United States and China and the expectation of a slowdown in economic growth due to possible sanctions. After a pandemic, which fell into the world economy, the situation has changed. However, the pandemic could not have any influence on the primary placement market. Therefore, 2020 became significant in relation to the number of companies posted on the stock exchanges and the volume of funds raised.

In the autumn of this year, you can expect the listing of five large domestic companies: Delimobil, WkusWill, CIAN, Positive Technologies and St. Petersburg Exchange. It is possible that for someone it will be double listing, as it was with Fix Price (MCX: FixPDR), which is located on the MOEX. There is also information that in the near future companies as Renaissance and Mercury Retail can be released on the IPO.

Mercury Retail, which owns the retail chain “Red & White”, has already made a list of book-runners. It includes: VTB (MCX: VTBR), Jpmorgan, Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), Merrill Lynch, Renaissance Capital and Sberbank (MCX:SBER). Mercury Retail predict an assessment of his business in 20 billion dollars. In September, the stock exchange market is returned to operation: only in the next week, American stock exchanges are counting on attracting more than $ 5.2 billion. Positive Technologies can be a regional scaling history, repeating the fate of the above-mentioned Ozon and FixPrice. Model of regional scaling in the situation with the Ozon market perceived positively, despite the loss. According to approximate calculations, Positive Technologies is estimated in the area from one to two billion dollars.

Perspectives of the cybersecurity market in Russia

Positive Technologies, working in the sphere of cybersecurity over 19 years, during its existence has developed 14 products and many different services to protect large enterprises. Demonstrating in May of this year, the new generation of O2 solutions, the company expects an increase in revenue in the near future. It can also stimulate the Russian cybersecurity market as a whole.

Cyber security costs in 2021 will be able to move the mark of $ 150 billion. Specifically, in Russia, this figure is 150 billion rubles with an increase of 20% each year. Such a rapid growth is explained by the large pace of digitalization, as well as the complication and growth of cyber. All these new challenges require new and modern protection tools.

For Positive Technologies, the main risk is the presence of US sanctions imposed on one of their subsidiaries. However, an unauthorized company is planned to be placed, the business of which the sanctions did not have any influence, as it focuses for the most part in Russia. Thus, the Positive Technologies output model on an IPO does not depend on Western investment funds, since it is directed to a wide range of retail investors. Undoubtedly, Positive Technologies deserves special attention in the light of the upcoming domestic placements in the market.

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