Neat driver: who is he and what is the benefit

Why the insurers on fully comprehensive insurance and third party liability insurance are interested in driver without fines

Returning to the ballroom fines is discussed during the last 20 years quite actively. It issuggested that the driver, in the event of a traffic violation, will accrue certain points. Their amount depends on the severity of the violation. If for the agreed time, the auto owner will take a certain number of points, he will deprive the driver’s license to the corresponding period.

This practice is found in many countries of the world. It was even in the USSR and Russia of the 90s, so some citizens of the Russian Federation are familiar with this system. The last time this practice was cancelled in 1997, as it turned out that a person paid a fine and received points for deprivation of driver’s license at the same time. This contradicted the norm of the Constitution, which consolidated that no one could be punished twice for the same crime. It is worth noting that these penalty points can also be applied in the insurance sector: insurers will be able to take into account their number when calculating the tariffs of the third party liability insurance.

Neat driver: who is he and what is the benefit

Experience in the introduction of a ball of fines and deprivation of driver’s license in Europe

The system of penalty points has been working in many countries around the world for a long time. It has proven itself in France, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia and Portugal. Thanks to the introduction of this system in Spain from 2006 to 2013, the number of victims in accidents has decreased: from 4106 to 1680 per year. It is noted that for 15 years of operation of the system, more than 9.7 million people at least once received free points. Also, almost 290 thousand of them were deprived of the driver’s license.

By the way, in Germany, everything works exactly as it was in Russia of the nineties. There is a fine, and points for a rude offense. 8 points accumulate – you can forget about driver’s license. However, there are differences. It is possible to return the license to some requirements, among which the passage of medical psychological surveys, as well as retire exams in a driving school. If the driver is gaining up to 5 points inclusive, he can visit a special seminar in a driving school and wriggle 1 point from it. But the cost of such an event is extremely high – for the visit you will have to pay from 300 to 400 euros.

Russian response to tougher requirements for motorists

In Russia, with minor violations, they are mainly trying to fight with the help of fines, not too high. Decision is provided only for gross violations: for example, drunk riding or departure to the oncoming lane through a double solid line. If a person is ready to constantly pay for fines, he can break the traffic rules as much as you like, because it does not have any serious restrictions. Nevertheless, in 2021, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included certain amendments to the draft procedural code on administrative violations. According to them, car enthusiasts that are 3 times and more over a year make a rude offense on the road, will move to pedestrian status for the year and a half. The gross violation includes, for example, the speed exceeding more than 60 km / h and driving to the red light. It is assumed that the punishment is toughening and for those who will drive drunk with a child under 16. In this case, the penalty will be 50 thousand rubles, and the license will be taken up to 3 years.

How the traffic police penalties will affect the tariff

In April 2022, changes are expected to calculate the experience modification rate, which we will tell you in more detail in the near future. Drivers who will be found guilty of three and more accidents will paid for the third party liability insurance much more. The basic tariff of such drivers will multiply by 3.92 (now – by 2.45). On the other hand, conscientious drivers who do not become the culprits of an accident will pay less than the insurance. For them there is a multiplier of 0.46 (now – 0.5).

The situation has repeatedly discussed the number of traffic police fines and the degree of violation (for example, exceeding the resolved speed by 60 and more km / h) when calculating the individual tariff on the third party liability insurance. Currently, insurance companies use from 7 to 50 parameters for calculating the personal value of the policy already. It can be assumed that this indicator that can be obtained by insurers from the bases can affect the individual price. However, we are still at the beginning of this path. Most likely, violations of the traffic rules will affect the tariff only in the case of frequent and / or serious disorders, and not based on fines from cameras, since there is no direct binding to the driver. However, in the case of the control of the vehicle by one or two drivers, it can be concerned about the degree of accuracy and courtesy of man by the wheel.

What portrait of a neat driver – an expert opinion

Based on the study by us on the marketplates of third party liability insurance, foreign experience (on a pillar for violation of the rules of traffic rules) and the trends of the Russian market (including the statistics of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation), we decided to make a portrait of a neat driver.

Age: Experienced driver over 35 years old (the best deals on third party liability insurance Insurers provide to people over 40);

Driving experience: more than 10 years (insurance companies are more loyal to customers with experience over 20 years);

Experience modification rate: below 1 (in priority for insurers 0.8-0.5), that is, such car enthusiasts have not participated in an accident in the last few years, where they were the culprits;

The lack of traffic police fines for a serious violation of traffic rules.

According to our research on savings when buying an OSAGA policy through insurance aggregators, these are the best data for obtaining the most favorable offer on mandatory auto insurance. For other drivers, rates for auto-trap on average will be higher.

In the near future, we plan to publish the data of our new research on the benefit for a neat and experienced driver when buying the third party liability insurance certificated on marketers. After the next change in the tariff corridor from January 9, 2022 (by 10% in both directions), the difference in suggestions increased significantly, compared with our analysis in August 2021. Read more in the Copyright Articles on our resource in the late February of the current year.

Comments and opinion of the editorial

Эксперт страхового рынка Лебедев Денис
Expert: Denis Lebedev

Insurers are more interested in break-even adult customers with significant driving experience (from 10 years old) and with experience modification rate below 1. If a person controls the vehicle carefully, it means that the insurer will have to pay compensation – For them, this is definitely profitable. It is difficult for them to judge them, since the frequency of payments on the third party liability insurance averages about 8%.

To attract such clients, insurers offer more attractive quotes for insurance certificates. Low drive driver means smaller risks for the insurance company, and potentially forms a good base for cross-sales products, primarily mini- fully comprehensive insurance or fully comprehensive insurance. Also, do not forget that neat driving is a security deposit on the road. Remember that the life and health of all participants in the movement depends on your actions, and the car is the initial “means of increased danger.”

Expert opinion, analytics and market forecasts in the information and analytical resource – a deliberate insurance!

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