We have registered Calmins trademark!

Trademark Calmins was registered by Rospatent. We have been informing you about all the important news of the Russian insurance market for several years. And now it’s time to develop and move on!

We are glad to inform you that the trademark (service mark) Calmins was officially registered by Rospatent on March 16, 2022. The corresponding document is published on the website of the Federal Intellectual Property Service. You can familiarize yourself with it here.

We have registered Calmins trademark!

What services are assigned to Calmins

The document states that Calmins provides services for:

  • advising on insurance and finance;
  • providing information on insurance issues;
  • mediation in insurance;
  • other.

What does trademark registration mean?

According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a trademark is a designation that distinguishes one company from others. They may include slogans, logos, or even a soundtrack. In other words, any element through which customers can determine what kind of company it is. Registration of a trademark allows you to legally fix that certain graphic, text or sound elements belong to a certain organization. A registered trademark also means that these elements (including the name) are protected by state. In this case, no one else can use them.


Thus, the name of our company is now officially fixed.

Note that there is a similar term “tradename” with which “trademark” is often mixed up. They are really very similar in meaning. The difference is that the concept of “tradename” is used abroad. In Russia, a different wording is used.

Comments and editorial opinion

Автор статьи Calmins: Сергей Н.
Author: Sergey N.

Registration of trademark Calmins is another serious step for a company that reinforces our serious intentions to work in the Russian market. We will continue to keep you informed of all relevant news of the insurance market, as well as in a clear language, talk about all the nuances in insurance. Stay with us and stay tuned on the site!

Briefly and simply about insurance on our information and analytical resource – Calmins.com!

NEO volunteer Sergey N.

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