The number of self-employed in Russia is growing

Analysis of Ukassa service showed that the number of self-employed in the country increased 6.4 times in 2020.

Based on the data provided by the federal tax service as of 21 February this year, the number of self-employed in Russia is about 1.7 million

What is the reason for the growth of the self-employed?

The growth in the number of self-employed in Russia is associated with the introduction of a special tax regime throughout the country. This regime was introduced in March 2020, and until then it operated only in 23 regions of Russia.

The number of self-employed in Russia is growing, what is the reason for the boom?

In what areas has there been growth?

The largest increase in the self-employed, namely 9 times, was recorded in the sphere of audio and video content. Then, based on the analysis, there are the following areas: beauty – 8 times, cleaning and minor repairs – 6 times, consulting services (lawyers, psychologists, etc.) – 7 times.

What do people use?

Most customers pay for their services using bank cards, especially in large cities.

According to statistics for 2020

  • “Card” payments became 10.4 times more than in 2019, and
  • Systems like Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are used 68.5 times more often than last year.

In addition, 10.6 times more payments passed through the UKassa system, and the number of transactions increased 9.7 times. Again, returning to the sphere of audio and video content, we can note an increase in turnover by 19.3 times, and in the field of consulting services – by 11.3 times.

Self-employed insurance agent: to be or not to be?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to work as an insurance agent in the status of self-employed (formally, since there are restrictions on some types and services in accordance with the law), but you can work as an individual entrepreneur, respective individual or legal entity.

However, in fact, a lot of insurance SUBagents are self-employed with insurance aggregators, and they are ready to transfer money to them at any time in a matter of minutes, as, for example, from the Pampadu CMTPL service.

They directly recommend getting self-employed regime and get paid 6% more.

Moreover, insurance companies are also seriously thinking how to get around this moment, and prescribe a different type of service, such as consulting services or lead generation, or they also make a “legal layer” between themselves and the agent in the form of an agent-company LLC, with which the agency agreement is concluded. And insurance agents, de jure, become SUBagents of the insurer and, accordingly, Agents of this company – LLC.

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